Libero Rule Guarantee

We focus solely on volleyball (it’s all we do) so our team sales group has an expert understanding of the rules and will work with you to make sure your libero jersey is 100% compliant. If not, we'll replace your libero jerseys for free. Guaranteed.

Libero Rule Guarantee Requirements:

  • Both sets of jerseys have to be purchased from All Volleyball after 7/1/14.

  • You must have documented proof from a team sales member your order and/or jerseys are compliant.

  • You must have documented proof of disqualification from game or tournament.

  • Guarantee applies to Governing Body rules (USAV, NFHS, NCAA, etc.) not individual tournaments.

  • Replacement jerseys have to be equal or lesser value.

  • Normal production time applies.

Below is a simple explanation, but there are so many variables that you need to consider. Please call or email us today to take advantage of our Libero Rule Guarantee.

The solid color libero must be one color and if there are any accent colors, the accents must be less than one inch at the widest point and on a functional seam. As in previous regulations, it must be a contrasting color to the predominant color in the team’s other jersey(s). The solid color libero jersey may have decoration on it. No logos are permitted except small brand logos or standard size logos. The numbers and letters may be multi-colored, as long as they are contrasting to the jersey’s color.