Game Day Guarantee

Game Day Guarantee (GDG)

All Volleyball purchases the products from the manufacturer and physically stores the items at our location. Following our process and program is the absolute best way to guarantee availability. Guaranteed.


  1. Review details of the program
  2. Determine timing for pre-order, final sizes and need by date
  3. Estimate sizes and quantities
  4. Finalize pricing and all deliverables
  5. Submit pre-order and down payment
  6. Determine how many sizes needed for samples

We then order product within 3-5 business days. Once received we ensure accuracy and then store in a dedicated secure space.


Minimum order: $2,500

Samples are included with your pre-order.

Down payment - The down payment is 20% of the pre-order total. This will be applied to the order as the final payment.

Variance - You can cancel up to 15% of the pre-order once you have the final sizes. Size estimates - We collaborate with you on estimates, but final quantities are your responsibility.

Substitutions - After the pre-order is placed there’s a 15% restocking fee on any substituted items.

Cancellation - If you cancel the pre-order, the down payment will be forfeited.

Add-on orders - Additional sizes/quantities needed beyond the pre-order mat not be guaranteed.

Limitations - Anything out of our control cannot be included in the GDG (acts of God, mis-shipments, etc.)

Samples - We need samples back 15 business days before your order ships. You are responsible for the shipping back to us.

Team stores - There is a small pre-order fee that can be built into the package cost or passed along to parents.

Payment options - Payment plans are possible through ACH transfer.

Additional discounts - For all payments upon order/shipment there is a 1% discount if paid via ACH.