Game Day Guarantee

Game Day Guarantee (GDG)

All Volleyball purchases your jerseys and spandex directly from the manufacturer* and physically stores them in our warehouse. Following our process and program is the absolute best way to guarantee availability. Guaranteed.

*Manufacturers included: ASICS, Adidas, Mizuno, Augusta, High Five


  1. Review details of the program
  2. Determine timing for pre-order, final sizes and need by date
  3. Estimate sizes and quantities
  4. Finalize pricing and all deliverables
  5. Submit pre-order and down payment
  6. Determine how many sizes needed for samples

We then order product within 3-5 business days. Once received we ensure accuracy and then store in a dedicated secure space.


Minimum order: $2,500

Samples are included with your pre-order.

Down payment - The down payment is 30% of the pre-order total. This will be applied to the order as the final payment.

Variance - You can cancel up to 15% of the pre-order once you have the final sizes. Size estimates - We collaborate with you on estimates, but final quantities are your responsibility.

Substitutions - After the pre-order is placed there’s a 15% restocking fee on any substituted items.

Cancellation - If you cancel the pre-order, the down payment will be forfeited.

Add-on orders - Additional sizes/quantities needed beyond the pre-order may not be guaranteed.

Limitations - Anything out of our control cannot be included in the GDG (acts of God, mis-shipments, etc.)

Samples - We need samples back 15 business days before your order ships. You are responsible for the shipping back to us.

Team stores - There is a small pre-order fee that can be built into the package cost or passed along to parents.

Payment options - Payment plans are possible through ACH transfer.

Additional discounts - For all payments upon order/shipment there is a 1% discount if paid via ACH.