Championship-Level Service

We have a group of team members, managers & owners that work together to answer questions quickly and put words into action. While we might not be as formal as other companies there’s no doubt we care more.

We think our company is pretty special…and it takes a pretty special person to work here :)

We consider our staff and customers family...and we promise that’s how we will treat you. That’s why we work very hard at answering questions and solving problems quickly. More importantly; however, is that we’re committed to taking the time to consider every situation and acting accordingly. Quite frankly we’re obsessed with creating a win-win for our customers and us...and at times that mean’s completely disregarding our policies and procedures and simply doing what’s right.

Meet Our Team

Company Motto:

Work hard. Laugh. Have fun. Leave exhausted. Do it all over again tomorrow!

Mission Statement:

Through our people, culture and values we are committed to be the best volleyball specific retailer in the world.

Company Values:

WE BELIEVE that by treating people fairly and with respect, our business will prosper. In order to do this, we as owners must treat our employees this way, and our employees will reflect this treatment to our customers.

WE BELIEVE that hard work will be rewarded. If you put forth the effort, sooner or later, the benefit of your labor will surface. We believe, also, that it is our responsibility to give you the opportunity to excel, and when we succeed, we will share in the fruits of that labor.

WE BELIEVE that attitude is contagious and we will continue to motivate our employees and customers to think, speak and act positively.

WE BELIEVE that work is fun. You must enjoy what you are doing in order to do your best. It is our responsibility to provide the proper atmosphere for this enjoyment.

WE BELIEVE that being the best in a particular field is fun. We love to WIN!

WE BELIEVE that there will never be a time when we have reached our peak. We constantly reset goals; we must not relax. If we don’t move forward, we are moving backward. We are committed to creating an environment and culture that will nurture our employee’s personal and professional ambitions. Our business depends on each and every person that is employed here. A team approach will make the difference. The Lord has blessed us and we strive to always remember that. All Volleyball and its staff is not an accident. It’s in His plan and we encourage each of you to embrace it.