All Volleyball Guarantee

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Free & Fast Shipping

Free shipping on orders over $125.

Flat rate shipping $6.95 for all other orders.

1-3 day average delivery time using Free, Flat Rate or Standard shipping - see our delivery map
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Stocked items ship same day before 1pm CST.

Non-stocked items leave the warehouse in 3-5 business days.

Personalized items take additional processing days.

Handling charges apply to oversized or heavy items.

Free and Flat Fate Shipping is only valid for the lower 48 states.

Read more about stocked & non-stocked items.

Read more about Personalized items.

Entire order must be shipped to a single address.

May not be applied to previous or future orders.

Visit our Shipping page for more information.

Quick & Easy Exchanges

We will ship your exchange order quick & for free no matter the amount. We will also email you a pre-paid label for your return.

Please note that if you use our pre-paid return label we will deduct $6.95 from your refund.

In the rare occurrence you’re sending back an oversized item, the pre-paid return label will come from Fedex and we will deduct the oversized item handling charge listed on the product page.

This is a completely optional service and you're welcome to send your return back to us whichever way you prefer.

To take advantage of this program you’ll need to contact us by either:

1) Calling during normal business hours.

2) Emailing us (be sure to include either your Reference or Order number).

3) Chatting with us online during regular business hours.

Once we hear from you we’ll provide a code for you to place your new order for free shipping no matter the amount.

We will then email you a pre-paid label for the item(s) you're returning. You can also request a return label.

Low Price Promise

If you find an item and the total price (shipping, tax, etc.) is lower than ours call, email or chat online with us. We promise to do our best to match or beat that total price.

We work very hard at offering the best overall value to our customers through our AVB Guarantee program, but if you find an item being offered online at a lower total price which includes all shipping, taxes, etc. we promise to do our best to match or beat that total price.

In some cases this might take getting a quote from the other company (inclusive of shipping, taxes, etc.) so the more information you have the quicker we’ll know if we can match or beat the total price.

If we can match or beat the total price you’ll need to place your order within 24 hours. In some cases this can be extended.

If we can’t match or beat the total price we promise to do our best to make you a happy customer one way or the other!

Item must be in-stock and available for purchase in the same style, color, size, etc.

Comparison companies need to be valid retailers and price must be advertised on the site at time of verification.

We generally won’t consider items sold on auction, marketplace, outlet stores (online or retail), daily deal or membership sites.

We generally won’t consider other companies promotions, specials, coupons, etc.

Cannot be used with other promo codes or coupons.

Orders must be placed online.

Please don’t abuse this promise!

Championship-Level Service

We have a group of team members, managers & owners that work together to answer questions quickly and put words into action. While we might not be as formal as other companies there’s no doubt we care more.

We think our company is pretty special…and it takes a pretty special person to work here :)

We consider our staff and customers family...and we promise that’s how we will treat you. That’s why we work very hard at answering questions and solving problems quickly. More importantly; however, is that we’re committed to taking the time to consider every situation and acting accordingly. Quite frankly we’re obsessed with creating a win-win for our customers and us...and at times that mean’s completely disregarding our policies and procedures and simply doing what’s right.

Meet Our Team

Company Motto:

Work hard. Laugh. Have fun. Leave exhausted. Do it all over again tomorrow!

Mission Statement:

Through our people, culture and values we are committed to be the best volleyball specific multi-channel retailer in the industry.

Company Values:

WE BELIEVE that by treating people fairly and with respect, our business will prosper. In order to do this, we as owners must treat our employees this way, and our employees will reflect this treatment to our customers.

WE BELIEVE that hard work will be rewarded. If you put forth the effort, sooner or later, the benefit of your labor will surface. We believe, also, that it is our responsibility to give you the opportunity to excel, and when we succeed, we will share in the fruits of that labor.

WE BELIEVE that attitude is contagious and we will continue to motivate our employees and customers to think, speak and act positively.

WE BELIEVE that work is fun. You must enjoy what you are doing in order to do your best. It is our responsibility to provide the proper atmosphere for this enjoyment.

WE BELIEVE that being the best in a particular field is fun. We love to WIN!

WE BELIEVE that there will never be a time when we have reached our peak. We constantly reset goals; we must not relax. If we don’t move forward, we are moving backward. We are committed to creating an environment and culture that will nurture our employee’s personal and professional ambitions. Our business depends on each and every person that is employed here. A team approach will make the difference. The Lord has blessed us and we strive to always remember that. All Volleyball and its staff is not an accident. It’s in His plan and we encourage each of you to embrace it.

Game Day Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll have your team gear by game day. We’re so confident we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

Option 1 (Pre-Order): Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for email or call us. After we review the items, quantities, decorating requirements and timeline we will pick a mutually agreed upon date and order those items to be physically stored at our warehouse, reserved for you until you place your final order. If we don’t hit that date we’ll give you a 25% discount on any items that aren’t delivered on time. This is the only way to get exactly what you want, when you want it. Guaranteed. View full program details.

Minimum order: $2,500
Participating Brands: ASICS, Adidas ($10,000 and brand approval), Mizuno, Performance (Augusta & High-Five)

Perfect for big clubs, or any club, that has specific apparel requirements (you know the exact style & color you want).

Option 2 (Flex-Order): If you’re ready to order (you have quantities, decorating requirements, timeline) and open to suggestions on items that we know are in good stock email or call us. We’ll put together an offer and plan that will ensure you’ll have your gear by game day. Guaranteed. If not, we’ll give you a 25% discount on any items that aren’t delivered on time. View full program details.

Perfect for any club that is flexible with apparel requirements (you’re open to switching styles or colors if needed).

We understand that not all clubs can put money down or have the flexibility to switch styles or colors (if needed), so we have developed one more option that can help manage availability issues.

Option 3 (Hold-Order): If you have styles, colors, timeline and approximate quantities we will order those items to be held at the manufacturer and shipped at a later date once you have your final sizes. There is no down payment required, but please understand that these items cannot be guaranteed under our Game Day Guarantee. While our manufacturers are very reliable we do not recommend this program for clubs that have specific apparel requirements. View full program details.

Minimum order: $2,500
Participating Brands: ASICS, Adidas, Mizuno ($7,500), Performance (Augusta & High-Five), Under Armour

A good option for clubs that have a bit of flexibility with their timeline and apparel requirements.

As with anything there are certain restrictions. These would include, but may not be limited to:

Any event that is out of our control (weather delays, fire or any other catastrophic incident).

Manufacturer or carrier mis-shipments.

Changes after the order has been approved.

Forever Pricing Program

Ordering team or club gear can sometimes feel impossible. With our Forever Pricing program we are simplifying the buying experience to provide more value than any other company in our industry.

We want to show some love for loyalty so we’ve developed a program that will honor our most loyal team customers. Here’s how:

Level 1: After you spend $3,000 receive free shipping on all future orders over $75.

Level 2: After you spend $5,000 receive Best Pricing on all future orders.

Level 3: After you spend $7,500 receive Best Pricing on all future orders plus a 3% discount when it's over $250.

Level 4: After you spend $10,000 receive Best Pricing on all future orders plus a 5% discount when it's over $250.

Level 5: After you spend $15,000 receive Best Pricing on all future orders plus a 7% discount when it's over $250.

Best Pricing is the lowest quantity price we offer which can be found on all product pages.

Contact a sales rep to verify program enrollment and to start saving.

Handling charges still apply.

Orders must be placed on our website.

You must have or create an online account.

Free shipping in lower 48 states only.

Can't be combined with any other promo codes or offers.

Organization is still eligible for the program even if coach or director leaves.

Orders not placed online or before 4/12/13 will not be included until you call or email team sales.

All Volleyball Serves

“All Volleyball Serves” is a core philosophy and the philanthropic extension of our company. We have been richly blessed by God so we donate a portion of our profits to organizations and events that serve others.

We serve our wonderful customers. We serve our dedicated team members. And in 2013, we officially launched All Volleyball Serves, a philanthropic extension of our company that seeks to serve others in and outside the volleyball community. We’re just getting started, but we feel convicted God is leading us in a direction to make a big difference!

Mission Statement:

WE BELIEVE that donating our time, talents and resources through acts of charity and volunteerism is an important part of our business values. Thus, our philanthropy group was born and named All Volleyball Serves. By helping others, through the game of volleyball and beyond, we better our community on and off the court, as well as boost camaraderie among our Team Members.

Below are a few of our early initiatives:

Pink Pride - Each year we donate a portion of all sales in our men’s and women’s Pink Pride sections to an organization that is committed to fighting and beating cancer.

This year our donations will help support The Side-Out Foundation’s Dig Pink® efforts. This choice was made after careful consideration, feedback and requests from many of our loyal customers, who we call friends.

Learn more about organizing your own Dig Pink® Rally.

About The Side-Out Foundation:
The Side-Out Foundation centers on supporting, educating and helping breast cancer patients and their families during the fight, while teaming up with the volleyball world to do it. Established in 2004, The Side-Out Foundation has made positive differences in the lives of those with breast cancer, helping them take control of their lives – just like a team would gain control of the serve during a sideout rally!

Side-Out Foundation

Two organizations that we have previsoulsy supported are the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Susan G. Koman Foundation.

DIG it! - The goal of DIG it! is to inspire young urban girls to lead healthy, confident lives through an after-school program that combines an activity-centered curriculum with volleyball instruction. Many urban schools lack quality after-school programming for young, growing girls due to many obstacles that are out of their control. These girls (like many growing up!) need a place to foster learning experiences to create happy, healthy habits. Read more about our involvement in a recent blog post

Welfare Association Annual Memorial Golf Tournament - The Welfare Association is a non-profit organization which acts as a support alliance for members and their families in times of need. All employees are members of the Welfare Association, by virtue of their employment with the Department.

Together We Can - Hunger is a much bigger problem than people realize. Wanting to help, All Volleyball teamed up with the St. Louis Area Foodbank by making our store a canned goods drop-off location in November 2014. All month long, we encouraged our staff and customers to donate canned goods to help fight hunger. At the end of the campaign, we collected enough food to provide 193 meals to the local needy! TOGETHER WE CAN help fight hunger!

Clothes 4 Souls - Starting in 2013, All Volleyball chose Clothes 4 Souls to donate apparel and accessories to those in need around the world. It is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting poverty by collecting new and used clothing. That clothing is then distributed to people and families in poor and disadvantaged communities throughout the world. By donating throughout the year, we're making a difference in the lives of people who need it the most.