Mikasa Bump Board

Mikasa Bump Board

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    The Bump Board is the ultimate tool to develop volleyball passing and receiving skills. Perfect for the volleyball player who is looking to improve their passing skills. The Bump Board was designed to teach proper platform technique and the padded arm supports take the sting out of practicing

  • Technique training aid
  • Teaches proper platform
  • Improves passing
  • Prevents sting when bumping
  • Great for beginners just starting out!


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Mikasa Bump Board
Using for training aide for outside hitter.
By Wanda
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Bump Board
The bump board is geared toward younger players (age 6-9 years). A couple of 10-12 year old players sampled the bump board, and while it helped to level their platform, they started bending their elbows when passing. I like the safety feature of having one arm free.


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The Mikasa Bump Board is a great learning tool for young or new players to the game. The problem a lot of young or new players have is that they are scared to pass the ball because they are afraid it will hurt or sting. This board takes that fear out of the equation and helps them focus on proper form, getting to the ball, and establishing their platform, which are all fundamentals that a player needs to know in order to become a good passer.

The board also helps reduce arm bending when passing. When passing a volleyball, a player’s arms should stay straight, while using their legs. Correct passing form should look somewhat as if a player is sitting in an invisible chair and standing up. The bump board will help prevent a player’s arms from bending at the elbows. The board will also take the force of the ball until the player feels confident enough passing the ball on their bare arms.

If you are wanting another item to use for passing practice to help with form, then I would suggest the Pass Rite. It encourages proper form and arm placement for perfect passing technique to ensure the players are learning the correct way to pass. If you’re looking for items for other training purposes such as blocking, the Bungee Blocker does just that. The bungee material makes the ball bounce back and this even has two upright handles to help you hold it easily above the net for hitters to hit around, or you could also use it for a drill to cover your hitters.